Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford is my absolute favorite~ I prefer early 30's Joan. Flawless! Her brows are severely arched and thinned out and she was going through her spidery mascara phase. This was also after she was advised to drop weight to thin out her face. By doing so, it emphasized her delicate and sculpted bone structure and huge, round eyes. If you ever notice in early photos, she usually posed with her head tilted down to minimize her lower face and draw attention to them. Lips were shaped, but a few years away from the 'smear'~ in which Max Factor ran a smear of lipstick over her top and bottom lips which then became her trademark. Here are some publicity photos for Letty Lynton (1932) shot by George Hurrell, costumes by Adrian. These were taken on the set of Grand Hotel (1932)


Anonymous said...

Joan's look did change throughout her career...she was a stunner. I love the fourth photo from the top, but she is the embodiment of old Hollywood glamor in all her vanity shots, and a great great actress too.

TrippyTrellis said...

I love the "Letty Lynton" white ruffled dress- it's absolutely beautiful. No wonder why it sold (was it fifty thousand?) so many copies all over the United States. Although I have never seen the movie I must have seen more than a hundred stills and in all she looks positively stunning. I believe that this was her best "young" look just as "Humoresque" was her best "older" look.

Thomas Frodsham said...

STUNNING! i love Joan's face and she really made herself iconic through those make up choices