Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Vintage Inspired

I have been to many different vintage stores in the LA area, but one boutique in particular stands out~ Vintage Inspired in Mission Viejo, CA, about an hour from Los Angeles. I had gone in to check out their Besame Cosmetics collection, but got easily sidetracked with the other merchandise, the displays and the atmosphere.

The owner Laura wasn't there the day I visited but I did have the pleasure of chatting with Lindsay who is a real doll, and a vintage clothing designer as well! Lindsay took the time to tell me about the store and the collections they carry such as the ubiquitous Stop Starring! as well as modern labels. She also informed me of the many different events they host such as book signings, cocktail parties and performances. Lovely ladies such as Dita Von Teese, Jami Deadly and Bernie Dexter have all graced the store with their presence~ be it shopping or performing. The store is a go to for all the local Pin Up models and Burlesque performers as well as the retro and vintage enthusiast, men and women.

The store itself is a homey enclave, set up like your dream dressing room. What I think I adored the most, were the framed pictures of stars of the past, and even some modern pin up gals scattered about~ this made it feel so personal, like it was your own room. The coveted Besame Cosmetics are displayed and stocked on a beautiful vintage vanity. Every nook is filled with shelves or wardrobes bursting with the finest frocks and accoutrements or fun things for your home. There is a handsome gentlemen's area in the back that would make any man enjoy shopping! Thanks to Lindsay and Laura for being so welcoming and creating such a great shopping experience! Make sure you check out their sites and try to drop by if you can. Here are some photos to entice.


tangobaby said...

I have got to get to this store next time I'm in LA! Thanks for the tip.

studio wellspring said...

what a fantastic shop ~ and i have a friend who lives in mission viejo so it makes it all the more desirable to go. and soon!

Marie_is_Here said...

I love all those pictures! I'm jealous of the clothes.