Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New York City

Just before the New Year, I relocated from Los Angeles back to the East Coast. I am very excited to revisit old New York and the 'Old Hollywood Glamour' of it's past. Theatre, showgirls, the very first movie studios and the birth of television all got their start here before moving to Hollywood. New York is home to some of the finest Art Deco and turn of the century architecture, hot jazz legends and fashion and beauty houses. These fabled treasures are often hidden but deserve to be explored and appreciated. Here's to New York!


tangobaby said...

I'll look forward to learning a lot more about NY now that you're there. ;-)

Can I send you on a beauty assigment for me? Can you go check out the Edward Bess line at Bergdorfs? How is it that a 21-year old guy gets to start his own cosmetics line? I want the scoop!


katie said...

I'm on it!

tangobaby said...

Hooray! You're like my foreign correspondant.