Thursday, March 6, 2008

John Galliano Spring '08 RTW

John Galliano's Spring '08 Ready to Wear collection combines many elements of the 1920's- 1940's extreme glamour. Galliano took a romantic and frivolous turn this season, with a nod to the past. Nothing says romance like the fashions of the Golden Era! He is a showman unlike no other. Please enjoy the clip which details the inspiration for the collection and the presentation. I love Dita's quote- "I love the theatrics, it really inspires me to be more eccentric. Beauty comes in different forms." I agree! I love eccentricities. I would absolutely parade down the street in any one of these outfits- brows and all! Vintage Camp all the way. It's so easy to incorporate vintage and vintage inspired pieces into an everyday wardrobe. It becomes classic and modern at the same time. Why not make heads turn and inspire others while reviving the glamorous fashions of the past?

Turbans, hair rolls and BROWS! Major 40's glam. I love the glowy faces, as that's what skin looked like during that time. It was only matte for film, and even then it was creamy.

Tulle veils and cabaret hats.

40's inspired with veiling and vintage Spainish accessories.

Futuristic flappers! Bobbed and marceled hair, smokey eyes.


Can't you just see Norma Shearer in this dress? Clinging to some man, no doubt... and a little Esther Williams bathing beauty.

More turbans! I see Lana Turner and Joan Crawford poured into these frocks.

Betty Grable would look stellar in these, yes?

Not for the faint of heart. Barbara Stanwyck would reign in these strong numbers.

This dress is so whimsical! Very 20's silent era, maybe Lillian Gish or Constance Talmadge would love this. I am dying for this black bolero coat! Great with any 30's or 40's fomal gown.

I LOVE these! They look right out of Our Dancing Daughters. Or maybe Ginger Rogers would wear them in a musical spectacular.

These amazing flamenco gowns scream Dolores Del Rio! Hot!!

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tangobaby said...

These are AMAZING photos! Thank you for brightening a day of drudgery. The futuristic flappers scare me a little (that's a smoky eye I can't handle, and I don't know what to make of the pox on the lips) but it is Galliano.

I love the giant floppy hat, love it, love it, love it!

LOCALOLA said...

Great photos Katie! I ADORE the exaggerated eyebrows in the first few photos. Keep 'em coming baby!

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

The sweaters on the heads is very Little Edie.

katie said...

Carol, you are so right! I believe Drew Barrymore is playing her in the big screen version of Grey Gardens.

Jovan said...

That makeup! Looks like alien characters from the original Star Trek.

I kid, I kid.

Bostonista said...

I really really loved this collection from the moment the photos of it started trickling out the day of the show. So beautiful especially their makeup. It makes me wish we all still wore extravagent hats every day...did you see the jewel and feather hat SJP had on at the London premiere of SATC?? :)

katie said...

Yes Jovan, you are probably right!

Bostonista, I just saw her hat today and I loved it despite what others thought... although I think it would have looked nicer if her hair were pulled back.

Miss SLY! said...

Great show hands down!!!

We see more and more classic vintage coming back on and off screen now, this Era was by far the best IMO - People knew what class meant then...

I like your blog!