Sunday, October 10, 2010


I spent a leisurely afternoon at Boston's SoWa Vintage Market. I came across this lovely bureau, which caught my eye as 1) I recently moved and need some pretty pieces and 2) my apartment is very small so this was the perfect size and 3) they delivered!

Here is the bureau at home, and in better light. I purchased it from Hummingbird Antiques (781) 389-8911 and was told it was pre-1930. I haven't yet looked for markings, it is quite heavy. I like that it has small casters and wooden wheels. It's a soft buttercream color with chipping in all the right places revealing it was once painted mint green. I like it very much!


La Tanguerita said...

oooh, i love it so much! It's utterly amazing. Want it too:-)

Fiona Timantti said...

Very nice!