Monday, January 31, 2011

Inspiration: Marilyn

photo Eve Arnold 1955

I am currently in the midst of finding new inspiration and motivation for many things, and always like to hear how others find theirs. The other day I was pleasantly surprised to hear from talented UK based photographer Carly Rodgers sharing with me a recent shoot she did that was inspired by the Marilyn Monroe photo above.

She was moved to recreate a timeless, sensual and vintage feel, similar to Marilyn's languid pose. I think these photos are brilliant and definitely capture strength and vulnerability, just like Marilyn. It is important to note that true inspiration is an artist's interpretation of another art form. To be inspired and not copy is hard to do! Carly took elements from Marilyn's photo and made it her own. To see more of her vintage inspired photos look here!

photos Carly Rodgers 2011

photo Janine Walker 2011

Thank you Carly! xo


Carly said...

I'm so delighted to be featured! Thank you Katie for inviting me to! :) xo

Unknown said...

They're all such gorge photos

nummie said...

You should take a look at my friend Banbury Cross who is a burlesque performer that looks scarily like Marilyn. She's fabulous :D