Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Sid Grauman "helps" John Barrymore with his Great Profile immortalization at the Chinese Theatre ceremony. Sept. 5, 1940


Miss Jan said...

Hi, Katie, came across a couple items of interest. A few weeks ago you asked if people would submit info on Hollywood-related blogs that you might want to add to your link list. You might check this one out: It's really interesting on the history side. Also re: old Hollywood architecture, there was a short documentary aired on Classic Arts Showcase (free arts tv programming on many satellite and cable services). It showcases much of the Spanish, Moorish, and northern African (Algiers, Morocco) type buildings in Hollywood during the 1920's. The score is by the Boyd Production Group (who also did a lot with Beach Boys music). The shortie is called Hollywood the Unusual (there's even a shot in it of the Brown Derby Restaurant). It's not available as a stand-alone film, it's a "bonus" on one of Flicker Alley's streaming films (Garden of Eden). Flicker Alley seems to be rescuing and restoring films of that era and transferring to DVD and making available for streaming. I knew that architectural style was popular in the Art Deco era, esp. in southern California, but I was amazed to see just how many buildings reflected that fad!

Katie said...

Thank you Miss Jan! I will check those out. I appreciate your knowledge!!