Friday, July 6, 2007

Satin Shoes

I adore satin shoes! They add glamour to any ensemble, be it a bathing suit, chic dress or nothing at all.

Betty Grable chooses satin pumps with her swimwear for the most famous pinup in history.

Elizabeth Taylor has always exuded luxury, so it's no wonder she wears these satin slides with flower appliques.

Joan Crawford poses for an early film still in strappy satin heels and marabou finery.

Jean Harlow pairs her satin shoes with a ravishing ballerina inspired gown.

Gloria Swanson and Marion Davies party the night away in their satin shoes, Charlie Chaplin smiles in approval.

"It" girl Clara Bow shows us that sporting can be sexy with satin pumps and satin ribbons.

Rita Hayworth smolders in satin platforms.

Mae West doing what she does best in her satin shoes~ alluring.

Silent film's first comedienne, Mable Normand dines in satin shoes with Fatty Arbuckle.

Louise Brooks wears satin shoes to highlight her dancer's frame.

Monday, July 2, 2007


Veronica Lake peeking out at passersby along Beverly Blvd. Who would know it was her if it wasn't for that trademark hairstyle?