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Book Giveaway: Jack and the Jungle Lion

I am very excited about this giveaway!! Author, actor and film buff Stephen Jared has generously donated a copy of his thrilling novel Jack and the Jungle Lion for one lucky winner! Stephen, like most of us, adores the glamour and adventure of the 30's and 40's films and has captured these elements in the book. Our hero, Jack Hunter, imbues the swashbuckling allure and romantic charm of the leading men of our precious Old Hollywood. For more information visit Jack and the Jungle Lion.

I am compelled to post a review I found on Amazon:

J. P. Byrne (Lincoln, England)
This review is from: Jack and the Jungle Lion (Paperback)

"Jack and the Jungle Lion" is much more than a fast-paced, thrill-a-minute, romantic adventure story ... it's also a movie literally begging to be filmed.

I am an aficionado of old Hollywood adventure flicks and this novel really captures what was fun about those great movies of my youth. Author Stephen Jared obviously loves those movies also, and any fan of "Only Angels Have Wings", "Secret of the Incas" and Indiana Jones will really get a kick out of this book. In the spirit of those 1940's serials, Mr Jared also left this reader wanting more.

Special mention must be acknowledged to the impressive cover art by Paul Shipper, which evokes the colourful posters of that period in Hollywood history.

Reading this book in one sitting ("couldn't put it down"), it was easy to imagine Cary Grant as the suave handsome movie hero Jack Hunter, with his slick line of patter, and of course, his bitchy ex-silent movie queen wife would have been played by Gloria Swanson. The real star of the book is the spunky , fiery heroine Maxine Daniels, who battles giant snakes, poison pits and hostile headhunters with absolute cool. She's a strong character, but also very feminine, and I imagined Frances Gifford in this role. That's the wonderful thing about this book - a movie is playing in your head at the same time - and its a helluva wild ride.

Stephen Jared has a nice, easy, flowing style of prose, and a great knowledge of that era in Hollywood history. Even staccato voiced Walter Winchell (the man who started the legend that Yma Sumac was Amy Camus) is part of the plot. I you want a story that combines terrific action with some really smart one-liners, that has romance and exotic adventures set in the Amazonian jungle - then this is the book for you. It's a pure delight .. and I for one demand a sequel, Mr Jared.

One lucky winner will be drawn at random and is open to all world wide. Please email me your name and mailing address. Deadline is Monday Oct 4th at 12 noon EST. Thank you Stephen!