Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Little Clark Goes a Long Way

The only way this picture could be any more perfect, is if I were in there too.

The hair! Come on now, seriously.

Men, take note. Learn this gaze.

I have never wanted to be Jean Harlow so badly in my entire life.

...except maybe in 'Dinner at Eight' with one of my DCBC (Dead Celebrity Boyfriend Club) members, Wallace Beery.


Jovan said...

I can't say I've seen a lot of movies with him, but I may now.

tangobaby said...

Katie, you're so cute--I love Wallace Beery, too! He and Harlow steal the show in that movie.

The movie Red Dust with Harlow and Gable is so great. She is really wonderful in it, and he is to die for, of course.

Candice DeVille said...

Oh that post gave me chills of the nicest possible kind. :)

Miriam Parkman said...

Wavy hair is irresistable...

(and the way he's holding jean harlow's waist... mm!)

Anonymous said...

AMEN, sister!