Tuesday, July 14, 2009


For those who don't know, Boston is one of my favorite cities! Here is a charming video tour of my town, "The Athens of America".

Boston 1920's

Here is a fun blog to check out~ Shopping Days in Retro Boston is a nostalgic look at the glory days of elegant department stores and fine shopping in downtown Boston!


Ernest said...


I noticed that you are a fan of both Joan Crawford and the Three Stooges.

Have you seen DANCING LADY (MGM-1933) in which they both appear? The documentary THE LOST STOOGES has a wonderful sequence of them trying to give her the brush-off.

E. Brown

Anonymous said...

No I have not seen that! I bet it's funny.

Timothy Steiner said...

I love this footage. I am amazed at how empty Cambridge looks; there's so little development around MIT.

Unknown said...

I will definitely definitely be checking out that website because, as you know, I love Boston too!!
Thank for the birthday wishes!
Hope you're well!!!

Su said...

Great find. This film is such a treasure to a homesick Bostonian, like myself!

Miss Woody said...

when I see this video, i just would like to know Boston !

The Modern Woman said...

I love your blog! I adore vintage :) Class, style and timeless elegance.

ella-louise said...

your blog is gorgeous! I really want to visit Boston now :)

Check out my blog please


Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone!

Yes, Boston is a wonderful place. Been in love with this city for almost 20 years! After many false starts, I will be moving there after the New Year and settled for good.