Tuesday, March 30, 2010


When it comes to automobiles (of any era) the extent of my knowledge goes no further than "That's pretty!". Antique cars are truly works of art in motion. They must be cultivated and doted on to ensure their finest operation and aesthetics. This is a hobby that encompasses time, money and passion.

The other day, I came across a kind gentleman named Ed who owns this beauty! A 1931 Ford Town Sedan, Model A. He has been the proud owner for almost 4 years and has put a lot of work into it. It won 1st place in the New Hope (PA) Auto Show in 2008, but didn't enter it in 2009 due to a fender paint job that was not up to his standards. Ed is hoping to enter his gem this year.

The first thing he pointed out to me was a rare feature called a 'slant' windshield. As you can see in the 4th photo, it is able to crank open at the bottom. I asked him what was the reasoning and he said "Air conditioning!" He said that Henry Ford added this option the last 6 months of '31 to compete with the foreign cars.

Ed showed me the engine and waxed poetically about all the features and gizmos. He informed me that the heater was an aftermarket addition as his "wife gets cold". Good thinking! There were a few other aftermarket parts that he changed out to make his motoring more comfortable, but tried to stay as close to the era with parts. He has all of the original parts and tools! I was pleased to hear him say that this was not a "trailer car" meaning he drives it as it should be driven and not collecting dust in his garage. He says these cars are more sturdy than you think.

I love the olive green color and the glossy ebony fenders with the pop of yellow. Other charming features include the bud vase and a roll down shade with silk tassel for the back window. This is one sharp automobile! Thank you Ed!!

My favorite part!


Maggi said...

Wow wee, that car is too cool! Love the horn, lol.

Ally said...

Very cool car. We love New Hope :)

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Clueless in Boston said...

I like the horn too, so much better than the loud obnoxious ones I hear every day on the streets of Boston.

I guess inquiring minds want to know, did Ed give you a ride???

Lesley Ann said...

Amazing! That horn was wonderful!

Alma said...

eyy, wow, thank you, i cant believe one of my favorite bloggers took a bit of her time an comment me, thanks, and glamour is more eternal! thanks, and kisses!

Kimmy said...

I agree, antique motorcars are quite simply works of art in motion. The detail and craftsmanship in each motorcar astounds me to this day. I visit the auto museum in Asheville, N.C. regularly and marvel at the beauties he has on display.
Nice post and love your vivid photos, cheers!

PreteMoiParis said...

I love old cars. Have you explored the European vintage car brands? You'll gush!