Saturday, November 19, 2011

Book Giveaway: My Week With Marilyn

I have a very exciting giveaway!! I have partnered up with the wonderful people at the Weinstein Company, producers of the upcoming film, My Week With Marilyn. The film is based on the book of the same title written by Colin Clark who spent one unforgettable week as Marilyn's escort and close confidant during the 1957 filming of The Prince and the Showgirl.

Weinstein Books is giving away a copy of Clark's My Week With Marilyn and promotional movie poster to coincide with the release of the film, this Wednesday November 23rd! To enter, please email me your name and address and one winner will be drawn at random (by a trust worthy assistant) and I will forward the winner's info to the publishers who will ship directly. The giveaway ends Friday November 25th. Unfortunately, this is open to US residents only.

So far, the film has been receiving positive reviews and lots of Oscar talk for Michelle Williams. The spectacular cast also includes Eddie Redmayne (as Colin), Kenneth Branagh, Emma Watson and Julia Ormond. There was an interesting article in this week's Entertainment Weekly wherein Williams submerged herself in research in hopes of capturing her soul, which she found the true foundation for transformation. Just the body language alone was a daunting task as well as mastering the iconic wiggle-walk. Marilyn Monroe the Star, Williams discovered, was actually a character Marilyn played in hopes of casting a wide net to bring in as much love as possible.

I am looking forward to this film as I would love to discover something new that hasn't been uncovered in the seemingly endless parade of books, photos and letters. She was obviously a complex and fascinating person and spending this week with her will hopefully bring us closer to a star without tumult; a star that never fades.

Hopefully you will enter the contest and see the film! Check out the websites at the end of the post for more information on the film. Thank you to Karen, Andy and Yosub!

Synopsis (via The Weinstein Company):
In the early summer of 1956, 23 year-old Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne), just down from Oxford and determined to make his way in the film business, worked as a lowly assistant on the set of ‘The Prince and the Showgirl’. The film that famously united Sir Laurence Olivier (Kenneth Branagh) and Marilyn Monroe (Michelle Williams), who was also on honeymoon with her new husband, the playwright Aurthur Miller (Dougray Scott).

Nearly 40 years on, his diary account The Prince, the Showgirl and Me was published, but one week was missing and this was published some years later as MY WEEK WITH MARILYN – this is the story of that week. When Arthur Miller leaves England, the coast is clear for Colin to introduce Marilyn to some of the pleasures of British life; an idyllic week in which he escorted a Monroe desperate to get away from her retinue of Hollywood hangers-on and the pressures of work.

Photos courtesy of The Weinstein Company


samantha ramage said...

I want to win!! What is your email address?
Mine is =)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sami, my email is found in my blog profile.

The deadline has been changed to Friday Nov. 25th. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I wish you could ship to Australia!

The veracity of the 'true' story has been the questioned but viewing the trailer it really seems that Michelle has embodied a truth about the person and after all, an honest depiction of Marilyn has a vale that transcends plot-points.

Chad de Lisle said...

i sent my entry email to :

was that the right email address?

Chad de Lisle

Anonymous said...

Yes Chad, just got it!

Jeff Reynolds said...

Amazing film! If you dig the 20's then you'll probably like The Artist. Here's the trailer:

Anonymous said...

Yes Jeff, I've seen a lot a buzz on the film!