Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hello Again

Happy Halloween!

I haven't blogged in a year and a half, and just now have gotten motivated again. If you've followed me from the beginning- way back in February 2007- you'll know that I only blog what and when I want for my own enjoyment about my passions- Old Hollywood and makeup.  Of course though, I'd like people to be reactive and enjoy as well!

I also plan to be a little more open and personal. During this hiatus I've been working and moved around a bit. I'm still a freelance makeup artist and am now focusing completely on the film industry and some production work, as opposed to doing a little bit of everything. I really want to learn more about my craft like spfx, facial hair application, character and fantasy work, that sort of thing. I've so much to learn! Why am I not a legendary Westmore brother?!! It's too bad The Westmore Academy is no longer in business.

This past June, I flew from my beloved Los Angeles back home to the Philadelphia area as I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. When I'm up and running again, I'll go back to LA. The past 6 months have been brutal and still more to deal with, but the fact I can see toward the end and am now excited about the future is a good turning point!

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I got rid of my Facebook 2 years ago, so these are my only social media accounts. Maybe I'll do a Facebook makeup page some day! STAY TUNNED!! I've got a lot of content to post like fun themes, Q & A's with some fantastic vintage/retro folks and giveaways! (You know I like a giveaway) Anyway, because it's Halloween, here is the Master Jack Pierce doing his thing on Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney Jr.


Sarah Katherine Moore said...

KATIE WELCOME BACK. Periodically I checked your blog - must have checked just before you posted this. I am looking forward to more posts as you are able.

You have survived ovarian cancer which means that you are stronger and much more powerful inside than you may think you are. I hope you soon are able to return to where you prefer to live, although don't miss the chance to explore art deco architecture and art in the area you are now. And - so close to NYC! Go to Manhattan even if it's just to absorb the sheer energy of the place! If you get a chance to get to NYC see if you can arrange to visit the fashion section of the Metropolitan Museum, you have to make an appointment with the director to be able to access some of the rare collections.

To paraphrase the Brits - keep calm, keep your lipstick handy, and SOLDIER ON!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sarah! What a lovely comment. Yes, so much to see here in the east coast. I haven't been to NYC in ages. I really appreciate your visiting my blog and sending good thoughts my way! xoxoxo