Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Hollywood Museum & The Max Factor Museum

The Hollywood Museum at the historical Max Factor Building in the heart of Hollywood, California is a favorite of mine! I've been dozens of times and always discover something new. It is housed in the famed Max Factor building on Highland Ave. at Hollywood Blvd. Makeup Artist Max Factor relocated his labs and shop from downtown Los Angeles and purchased the building in 1928. Today, it is a double museum. The ground floor is the Max Factor Museum, and the remaining floors are the Hollywood museum with memorabilia and rotating exhibits. The first two photos you will see what the building looks like today and in the late 1930's. Please make sure to click the photos for a better view as there are some placards that are worth checking out!

While the ground floor is reserved for the Max Factor museum now, at the time when Factor operated it, the entire building was used as his factory where they manufactured cosmetics and wigs as well as house his world famous salon to the stars. There is an elevator in the back that trucks could drive into and be transported to all floors for ease of shipment. The elevator is now where (one of) Cary Grant's Rolls-Royce is displayed.

The most popular exhibit is of course, the four salon rooms that catered to women with Blonde hair (Marilyn, Lana...), Brunette hair (Hedy, Liz...), Red hair (Lucy, Rita...) and the oft forgotten Brownette hair (Judy, Greta...). This was Factor's signature genius to make sure makeup and hair color were complimentary and customized for each starlet. Look what happened to Lucy and Marilyn when they found their signature styles?! Sadly, I accidently deleted a number of photos from each room, but you can find more photos online~ you'll see the rooms have changed throughout the years. There are a ton of fantastic sites, blogs and books about Max Factor. I own Max Factor's Hollywood Glamour, Movies, Make-Up. For more history on these museums, check out the links provided! xo


Rox said...

Question for you: did Max Factor ever disclose makeup tips and tricks for the male Hollywood stars? I'm especially interested in if/how facial features were enhanced for male silent film stars. I should get the Max Factor book, that would probably answer the question.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rox, this is a GREAT question and one that I will research now that you've piqued my curiosity. From what I've read, most concentration was put on for the women. The men had to be well groomed of course and any attention was spent on facial hair, wigs or pieces, unless the role called for something else. If facial features were to be enhanced I would assume it would be similar to the way the women were? Or lighting. Hmmm....

Karen said...

A trip to LA is on my list this year. And now, so is a visit to this fantastic museum! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Love this website. I'm 67 and retired. I grew up in Burbank. Our folks took us to and thru Hollywood many times.
I'm now retired and have time to watch many of the old Hollywood films, which inspires me to research the actresses and actors, and films of old.
Really like your tour through the Wax Museum and Max Factor Museum.
I'll have to take my spouse down for a day in Hollywood soon.
Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Robert! I bet your wife would enjoy these museums. I love Burbank- a lot of great vintage shops and car shows at Bob's!