Friday, December 5, 2008

July Winners

Original post date Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wow~ My original plan was to give away one set of products; a MAC Lipglass, Eyeshadow and Nail Lacquer in either reds or pinks to a lucky winner, but due to overwhelming response I decided to give away both sets! Two names were drawn at random, one from the red lovers and one from the pink lovers.

The red winner is:

Belle from Winnipeg, Canada

The pink winner is:

Lyn from Auckland, New Zealand

I want to thank everyone who entered! There is a sweepstakes website that has picked up on this and posts all of the giveaway information upfront so there is no reason to visit my blog at all, or anyone else's for that matter! Because of this, I will be making the next giveaway a bit of a challenge... ;) I choose to do these product giveaways as a thank you to those who actually read my blog and appreciate glamour as much as I do!!

Thanks gals! xo


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