Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vanity Fair

Last month's Nov. '08 UK Vanity Fair displayed the most striking cover of actress Amy Adams, in a Rita Hayworth inspired editorial. Vanity Fair makes a habit of recreating Old Hollywood photos and pinups using our stars and starlets of today.

Here are Katherine Heigl in a stunning 50's Dior's New Look, and Naomi Watts channeling her inner Varga Girl.

More pinups from Vanity Fair's Vanities page!


Natalie Elizabeth said...

Hi There (:

Long time Lurker here and I am finally blogging myself. These pictures are extraordinary! I love Amy Adams and Rita Hayworth, and although I really can't stand today's celebrities emmulating stars of the past (like Lindsey Lohan's Marilyn shoot) I think Amy did Rita justice.

Anonymous said...


I wish more magazines were like this. I'd be more of a consumer.

Everyone just looks better in pin up gear :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Katie - some amazing images there. There is no doubt that the glamour and style of such images is far more exciting than today's "in your face" images!

Incidentally I am still supplying original fifties lingerie which seem to be in demand for this type of shoot (as well as with burlesque artists). If you or your readers do place an order please put RETRO in the coupon box at checkout for a special 10% discount.

And you can check out my husband's homage to this era at his retro galleries here: http://www.ministryofburlesque.com/members/piksells-albums.html

Katie said...

Welcom Natalie Elizabeth!

Stephanie I agree!

Thank you for the link, Debbie!