Friday, December 5, 2008

May and June Giveaway

Original post date Jun 11, 2008 9:37 AM

Back in April, I decided to do a monthly giveaway as a thank you to my readers~ except I forgot May! So I am combining the May and June giveaways.

For May, the giveaway will be a MAC Makeup Bag & Eyeshadow.

For June, the giveaway will be Besame Cosmetics 1930's Waterproof Mascara. This has quickly become my favorite mascara. Not only does it glide on with a mousse like consistency, but it is gentle to remove and it's gingerbread smell reminds me of the luxurious cosmetics of the past!

If interested, please EMAIL me (located in my profile) with your name and address between now and Wed. June 18th 12noon EST. I will draw a name randomly for May, then for June.

I am very excited as Besame Cosmetics has generously donated their newest product for one lucky reader! I am passionate about Besame and their "Return to Vintage Glamour" concept. I have been using Besame for a few years now, and their products are truly exceptional and high quality, the packaging is marvelous and brings out the glamour in any woman~ I am a devoted fan. As a makeup artist, I am also impressed at the level of pigment and longevity the products provide. Please visit their website & MySpace if you haven't already. (Hint: you can order samples!!) The creator, Gabriela Hernandez is the sweetest person!! You should see her collection of vintage cosmetics... Not only is she an innovator in this field, but is a makeup historian and worked long and hard to create an elegant cosmetics line that can no longer be found in this modern age~ what ever happened to the glamorous makeup of the Golden Era? You'll find it with Besame. There isn't anything else out there that compares to the glamour of Besame Cosmetics!

Thank you to Gabriela and Fergus!!

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